I started working out with Reem a little over a year ago as part of a small strength training group and the experience has been life changing. I’m a triathlete that had been inactive for a couple of years and was looking to get back into racing again and hoping to get close to my former fitness back. Five months later my weight and body fat percentage were down to healthy levels and I ran an 8k at close to a PR pace. The training that you get from Reem goes beyond the workouts as she provides guidance on sleep, nutrition, stress reduction and is genuinely concerned about what sorts of things are going on in your life that can affect your health and fitness. She’s positive and encouraging when you’re struggling, and takes joy and celebrates in all your successes. Reem is so creative and incorporates such a wide variety of exercises that in over a year of workouts we’ve never done the same workout twice. She’s such as inspiration and truly motivates you to get out of your comfort zone and find that next gear. Her workouts are the hardest thing I’ve ever looked forward to doing. I schedule my vacations and work trips to minimize the number of her workouts that I’ll miss, because I never feel better than I do on the days that begin with one of her workouts. Reem is simply amazing!

Heather R.