Choosing Wholesome Protein Supplements

Updated: May 30, 2021

As a certified master level Health and Nutrition Coach my approach to nutritional wellness is centered around choosing wholesome, minimally processed, organic (when appropriate) real food. 🍎🥦As appealing as the idea might be, there is no magic bullet to attaining real and sustainable wellness. That being said, there are times when nutrient gaps can occur. Protein supplements can be an easy, effective, and enjoyable addition to a wellness lifestyle. Protein is an essential building block needed to create lean muscle tissue, which means an increased metabolism and supported bone health as we age. The marketplace is saturated with products and it can be difficult to know what choice may be right for you. ❗️Here are a few simple pointers to keep in mind. 1️⃣What time of day does your diet lack a nutrient dense meal/snack?

2️⃣When do you find yourself feeling less energetic than you would like? ❗️Often a dip in our glucose balance can cause us to feel sluggish and leave us with a lack of focus and motivation. Try using a higher protein selection versus something high in carbs or sugar which is what our brains crave as a quick fix. This leads to a roller coaster of energy versus a steady stream. Steady blood sugar helps us feel more balanced throughout the day.

3️⃣Do you want an animal or plant based protein supplement? ❗️There are a broad spectrum of protein sources available aside from whey or pea proteins. If you tolerate dairy sourced protein Whey or Whey Isolates offer essential branch chain amino acids. If you are Vegan, dairy free or lactose intolerant consider exploring alternative protein sources like hemp, chlorella, chia, rice, pumpkin and collagen peptides (sourced from marine or beef) . Each option offers a unique benefit and can be combined together. ❗️If you are looking to make changes to your nutrition lifestyle, keep in mind this statistic which I often share with my clients. Chose one habit to start. Commit to it to it for a week...look at it as an "experiment", which alleviates putting too much pressure on yourself. Your likelihood of success is 85 % if you focus on one thing at a time. Enjoy discovering what is right for your body! 💫#protein

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