Throw Back To the Beginning

Throw back to one of my first published modeling pictures in Oxygen Magazine almost 20 years ago! When I first delved into the world of health and fitness in college over thirty years ago my motivation was simply to become "fit". Little did I know how it would change the trajectory of my path and turn into my life's passion. The ability to feel strong in our bodies is a gift and one I feel privileged and inspired to share. We are now in a place of forced solitude, which can create fear and uncertainty. The ups and downs of life experiences have taught me a valuable lesson. During these times, if I focus inward and upon that which I can control, namely myself, the fear turns to peace and even joy at the thought of growth and personal progress. We all have the gift of the present moment and the ability to reset our priorities. We cannot control disease but we can do our part to strengthen our body's immunity. We can reset our thinking, reprioritize our positive habits, and establish new ones. Things that seem simple....getting enough sleep, eating real and whole foods, getting 10,000 steps a day, resistance training, minimizing toxins....often fall through the cracks but can make a notable change in your quality of life. Physical behaviors along side with spiritual wellness...allowing yourself time for daily personal reflection, moments in nature, thought provoking insights from sources of wisdom...all work in conjunction with one another to minimize physical and emotional stress. The key to keeping our "being" well. Stay strong my friends💛💪.

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