Repetitive motions over time can change the positioning of your body for good or bad.

Working behind a desk, driving, and sleeping all night on the same side of your body can cause tight hips. Even things we don’t often think of like sitting on your wallet, holding your phone or carrying a heavy purse can cause distortions that these exercises can help alleviate. Simply recognizing these habits is also a step in the right direction. ⭐️Good posture at work, chair and computer screen height, and well adjusted car seats really do matter. When your hips are in a flexed position it causes them to shorten and tighten. Improving hip mobility and strength can help you move through daily life with greater ease, by decreasing lower back and knee pain, while also making your walking and running gait more efficient. Win! Win! 🏃🏽‍♀️💃🏻Here are five movements that can help you feel more freedom in your body. 💫 @worlderunners

Perform 5-10 contractions with a 10-30 second hold

1️⃣ Kneeling lunge

2️⃣Single leg knee to chest

3️⃣Single leg bridge

4️⃣Lying butterfly


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