Exercise not only improves your health but it improves your life

Exercise not only improves your health but it improves your life, and is why I feel so passionate about my message. 💫

Did you know there are at least 60 documented benefits of physical activity⁉️Here are a few of my favorites that might not initially come to mind...increased mental focus, improved digestion, enhanced coordination/balance, improved sensitivity to the body's own insulin and decreased depression/stress levels. ♥️🍎😊

There is a term used in coaching called intuitive exercises, which means tapping into and focusing on the power and optimism of creative movement. 💪Often times people disassociate from the present moment in exercise to deal with the monotony or boredom of repetitive movement. Not everyone likes to go the gym, can tolerate running or other stereotypical ideas of exercise. Even for those who do, our body's evolution is most greatly impacted when we keep challenges fresh and new. 💥Emphasizing fun creates an environment where you can brainstorm new ways to incorporate movement into your day to life, that will not feel like...."one more thing to do". Scheduling a walking meeting, finding a new place to hike, playing hide and seek with your kids or hitting a game of ultimate frisbee with your teenager and her friends 🙋‍♀️(phew...they gave this 49 year old a run for her money :) are a few examples. Activities like these release endorphins while taking the focus of movement to a place a joy and connectedness. Keep in mind one of my favorite quotes, "We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing". 💛

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