At 49 years of age I am grateful, that I can live my life's passion as a successful full time personal trainer, while being blessed as a mom of two wonderful children. Like many of us dealing with the challenges of full time schedules, working over 40 hours per week, life has not always been easy. Therefore, I learned how to be efficient with my time, and especially with my clients time in order to achieve the maximum results. As a result, I feel privileged and inspired to be able to share with you the insights, tips, techniques and secrets that I have learned over the years that will help provide you with the skills and motivation needed to achieve your health goals, and more importantly help you reach those goals more efficiently.

I will share with you how we can restore your wellness and vitality together, by helping you achieve a higher level of dietary, fitness, emotional, and physical health. Even for those who feel burned-out and time-restricted due to the busy, go-go hustle that life often bring,  I have no doubt that we can achieve amazing health changes at any age. I am here to share my extensive knowledge regarding nutrition, movement, and supplementation with you, in order to help you create your best self!

Being an avid exercise and outdoor enthusiast has helped cultivate the strength of mind needed to overcome many personal challenges, which in turn taught me the discipline and focus required to achieve desired results, even in the face of adversity...injuries, chronic inflammation, nutrient absorption and hormonal imbalances.  I clearly recall the very first time I went for a run. Even though it was a cold and rainy midwestern evening, there was something about being outside and the primal state of moving my body, that continued to call me back for more and forever set me on the path of wellness. My training background has taught me to listen to my body, and how to find strength in both movement and stillness, while learning to harness the deep inner strength needed to help incite others to overcome obstacles to wellness and vitality.

As a fitness professional of over 30 years, I can draw from a broad range of experiences. I have reached the podium as a finalist several times as a competitive triathlete and a runner, in nationally acclaimed races. I have competed against many ages and ability levels, ranging from amateur to professional. Prior to delving into the world of triathlons, I ranked 5th nationally in Figure (Team Universe, NYC), winning 5 overall titles. 

As a published fitness model, I have been featured in popular magazines and publications such as Men's Health and Fitness, Oxygen, Natural Body Building, Olympian, Get-Fit Magazine, and The Austin Chronicle and Austin Fit. I played an integral role as a key promoter for the races that spanned across several states, and was featured on cable and live Television. During my tenure at Life Time Fitness I won numerous awards, most notable as Trainer of the Year and  was nationally recognized as the inaugural personal training service champion. I have earned professional certifications from the  National Academy of Sports Medicine, to include a licensed Certified Personal Trainer (CPT), a Certified Corrective Exercise Rehab Specialist, Behavior Change Specialist and a Certified Performance Enhancement Specialist. I am also professionally certified as a Registered Yoga Instructor, and hold a certification in Precision Nutrition, along with a Bachelors of Science degree in Marketing from Drake University. Currently I am working  towards a masters certification  through the American Medical Association as a Health and Wellness Coach.